Saturday, 16 April 2011

Handy pro points values I have picked up on the way

low fat cheese 80g 7pp
Extra low Philli 1pp per tablespoon
Asda GFY cottage cheese (i.e. pineapple / prawn / onion & Chive) are 2pp for quarter of the tub.
Asda gfy coronation cottage cheese 3pp for the small tub
goats cheese 2 pp for 30g
Kraft light sweet chilli philadephia 100g 4pp
Asda's extra light mayo 1pp for 4 tbsp

Take away
Nando's Chickens Chicken Breast, quarter 1 portion(s) 11
Nando's Chickens Chicken Wings (3) 1 portion(s) 4
Nando's Chickens Chicken Wings (10) 1 portion(s) 15
Nando's Sidelines Sweet Potato Mash 1 portion(s) 5
Nando's Sides & Extras Grilled Halloumi Cheese 1 portion(s) 2
Nando's Sides & Extras Toasted Pitta Bread 1 portion(s) 6
Nando's Specials Prego Steak Roll 1 portion(s) 11
Nando's Burgers & Pitta Chicken Breast Fillet Burger 1 portion(s) 11
Nando's Burgers & Pitta Chicken Breast Fillet Pitta 1 portion(s) 12
Nando's Nandinos Chicken Breast Fillet Strips 1 portion(s) 5
Nando's Sidelines Corn on the Cob 1 serving(s) 4
Nando's Wraps Chicken Breast Fillet Wrap 1 portion(s) 17
Nando's Sidelines Coleslaw 1 regular 5
Nando's Sidelines Ratatouille 1 portion(s) 4
Nando's Sides & Extras Chips 1 portion(s) 9
Nando's Sides & Extras Nando's Mixed Leaf Salad 1 portion(s) 1
Nando's Chickens Chicken, half 1 portion(s) 17

Colmans chicken casserole 2pp
Colmans shake and bake 2pp

Ready meals
Asda Chosen by You spicy chicken fajita pizza 1/2 a pizza 9pp.
Bird's eye simply chicken in butter and herb sauce 5pp
M&S Cod fillet in parsley sauce - from the frozen section - 4pp
Aunt Bessie's Pork Sausagemeat Stuffing Balls 1pp each
Birdseye Omega 3 Fish Fingers 1pp each
Birdseye Veggie Fingers 1pp for 1 3pp for 2

Discover foods taco shells = 1pp each
Tesco Salmon fish cakes 2pp each
birds eye korma and rice 10pp
birds eye tikka masala and rice 11pp

ww tomato soup 2pp per tin


Ww bagels 4pp
discovery tortilla wraps in white or wholemeal 4pp

Bulmers small bottle (just over pint) 6pp

Butterkist Toffee Popcorn in 30g snack bags 3pp
Marks and Spencers rocky road bites 1 pp each
Double chocolate mint" Skinny Cow 2pp
Kelloggs fibre plus bars 3pp
Cadbury's Brunch bars  4pp
Cadbury's brunch breaks  3pp
All the Special K bars  2pp
50g bag of branston pickle mini cheddars 7pp
50g mini eggs 7pp
Curly Wurly 3pp
Quavers from a multipack 2pp
Snack a Jacks from a multipack 2pp
Mikado Chocolate Sticks 3 are 1pp
Hartleys Sugar Free Jelly Pot = 1pp
Cadbury light milk choc mousse = 3pp

Space raiders  2pp
Crunchie 5pp
Sunbites 3pp

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